Legal Advocacy

We provide legal assistance in obtaining a restraining order to victims of domestic violence,  sexual assault, and human trafficking. We provide two types of orders one is a DVPA which is a Domestic Violence Protection Act, this one is usually provided when intimate partners are involved and child custody can be included (we cannot help file child custody alone), the other is the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). The Civil request is used for victims of Sexual Assault or in Stalking cases. We prepare all documents and file them through Superior Court and thoroughly go over a strong safety plan. We also assist victims throughout the criminal process providing accompaniment with court hearings and advocating with law enforcement and the district attorney office.

We do not schedule legal appointments over the phone. Please come by our main office in Merced Monday – Friday between 8am to 5pm to have an assessment, or call (209) 725-7900 to schedule an assessment in Los Banos.

When scheduling an one on one appointment for legal services, please stop by our office for an assessment and to pick up a restraining order packet. You must have this packet completed prior to your appointment. If you have questions or concerns in regards to the packet, please call us at (209) 725-7900 or come to your appointment 30 minutes – 1 hour early. If you lose or never picked up a packet, we ask that you come to your appointment 1 hour – 1 hour and a half early to complete the packet.

If there are documents or images you want to be attached to your order, such as police reports,  emails, text messages or pictures of incidents please have them ready either by printing them out yourself or organized to email to the advocate. 

A legal appointment can be between an hour to 2 hours long depending on your case. Please be sure you plan accordingly. 

If you are attending our legal group, you will still have to complete the restraining order packet. We do not generally allow children or provide childcare during these sessions due to the nature of the group. If you need accommodations, please notify the advocate when scheduling the legal appointment.