Healthy Relationship Quiz

Healthy Relationship Quiz

Am I in an unhealthy or abusive relationship?

Does your partner ever…

  1. Constantly criticize you, call you names or put you down?
  2. Hit, slap, punch, kick, push, or shove you?
  3. Use drugs and/or gets drunk?
  4. Break things when angry?
  5. Make you feel afraid?
  6. Control all the money?
  7. Control what you do and who you see in a way that interferes with your work, education or other personal activities?
  8. Force or coerce you to engage in unwanted sexual acts?
  9. Deny your basic needs such as food, housing, clothing, or medical and physical assistance?
  10. Steal or destroy your belongings?
  11. Display unreasonable jealousy?
  12. Threaten to hurt you or others, have you deported, disclose personal information about you?
  13. Ever threaten to kill you?
  14. Use a weapon/object against you or threaten you?

    If you answered “Yes” to some of these questions, there is help.
    You are not alone!

“We provide hope, support and recovery for those who are or who have been victims.”

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