34 Things You Should Tell Yourself

34 Things You Should Tell Yourself

1. I am lovable

2. I am a good person

3. I deserve to be

4. I am responsible for my own happiness

5. I profoundly and deeply accept myself

6. I have realistic expectations of myself

7. My opinion of me is more important than others’ opinion of me

8. What I want for myself is more important than what others want from me

9. I don’t need other people’s approval

10. I believe the world is a good place and I have a place in it

11. My feelings are just feelings, neither good or bad

12. I don’t compare myself to others

13. I am proud of me

14. I ask for help because I am worth someone else’s time

15. I acknowledge my good qualities; not to do so would be to cheat myself

16. I accept challenges as a way to grow

17. I cannot satisfy all of my needs, but I am responsible to see them satisfied

18. I am accommodating and still retain myself respect

19. I am still lovable even if I have been rejected by others

20. I am where I need to be for right now; I am enough for today

21. I say what I feel; what I have to say is important to me

22. I am capable of defining my own limits and setting my own priorities

23. I have the right to ask for what I need and want

24. I will rebuild my life on the foundation of my positive traits

25. I trust my decisions

26. I am human; I make mistakes

27. I have a right to be wrong

28. To dream of what I wish I was is to waste what I am

29. I deserve it; why settle for less?

30. I have a right to be treated with respect

31. It’s okay to change my mind

32. The only person who can reject me is me

33. How I think or feel is not what I am

34. I look for my stars not my scars

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