Valley Crisis Center’s Denim Day Button Fundraiser 2019

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

And Valley Crisis Center is asking for your support!


Denim Day Card Image


On April 24th, 2019 Valley Crisis Center would like to invite you to participate with us in the international Denim Day Campaign.
Denim Day originated in Italy in the 90’s when the Italian Parliament overturned a rape conviction on the grounds that the jeans the victim was wearing were too tight to have been removed by the assaulter alone, implying consent on behalf of the victim. We encourage you to participate on April 24th, 2019 by wearing denim all day long. We also ask you to show your support by taking a quick picture of you in your jeans and adding the hashtags #VCCDenimDay and #DenimDay.

We invite you to take a step further and take an active role in this campaign by donating $5.00. With your contribution, you will receive our Denim Day 2019 button and Denim Day history card. All proceeds will benefit Valley Crisis Center’s sexual assault programs. If you would like to donate and receive a button, simply click the button below. Please be aware that online purchases will have to be picked up at one of our offices as we are concerned that shipping them may cause you to not have the button for April 24th, 2019.


You can also download the flyer here and like our Facebook page and follow us for upcoming fundraisers and other community events we host or take part in throughout the year.