Valley Crisis Center’s SART Kit Fundraiser 2017

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

And Valley Crisis Center is asking for your support in keeping our SART Kits stocked!


All month long Valley Crisis Center is asking for the support of our community by not only raising money for survivors of sexual assault but by promoting awareness of the trials and tribulations these survivors go through when requesting a forensic exam.

When a survivor requests a forensic exam, commonly referred to as a SART exam, it can be incredibly beneficial to their case, but for some people, it can be detrimental to their mental and emotional health. The exam is an invasive procedure that can leave some survivors feeling revictimized prior, during and after the exam. Due to the nature of the exam, some survivors are advised not to shower or wash out their mouths, and in some circumstances can be asked to leave behind any articles of clothing they may have been wearing.

In order to provide comfort after the exam, Valley Crisis Center offers a bag of items we call a SART kit. We are asking for your help in order to continue offering these valuable kits.

We have 3 levels of monetary donations available, and each level will provide various items that will add to the comfort of the survivors we serve.

Below you will find a description of what level provides what items as well as a clickable donation link.

Friend Kit


At the Friend ($5.00) level we can provide a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleaning wipes and lip balm.

Partner Kit


At the Partner ($15.00) level we can provide the friend level in addition to flip flops, underwear, a snack, and a water bottle.

Ally Kit


At the Ally ($30.00) level we can provide both the friend and partner-level items in addition to sweat pants, t-shirt, and a food gift card.

If you would like to further support us in our cause, you can download our flyer here or you can simply head over to Facebook and like our page.

In addition to your donation of at least $5.00, you will also receive our Denim Day Button.