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Valley Crisis Center’s Peace for Families Event 2018

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Merced Peace for Family’s Mach and Community Gathering Oct 4th 2018 This was my first time helping officially with the Peace for Families March and I wanted to feature a new location to start the March.  We normally started at the County Courthouse Park and March to a venue downtown.  I felt that it was a bit short and wanted to stretch out the distance a bit plus the fountain is one of my favorite photo ops in town.  I wanted to invite people to a new spot they might have only drove past rushing down M St.  Today they took the time to...

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10 Year Anniversary

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On Thursday, July 19th, 2018 Valley Crisis Center held their 10 year anniversary.  The event was held at the Multicultural Art Center located at 645 W. Main Street, Merced, CA 95340.  We were pleased the turn-out of over 100 participants.  Among these participants, we had several Alliance Board Members, local dignitaries, survivors and their families, community partners, Valley Crisis Center staff, families, friends, and supporters. At the event Valley Crisis Center honored two people, Candy O’Donel-Brown, who has supported the efforts to...

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Pacific Coast Day of Refreshing

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It is believed that the ocean speaks to the soul…… Sit back, relax, and breathe; close your eyes and think back to when you were a child at the beach… the beauty of innocence of things unseen; the joy and excitement of running away from the waves on the shore…the discovery of seashells, and of the things you could make out of the sand! The freedom from chaos and of not watching the clock; the freedom of losing yourself in the awesome wonder of nature and of all that surrounds you! On May 25 of this year, I had the...

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Valley Crisis Center’s First Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Event

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Valley Crisis Center had its first Free Yourself from Human Trafficking (F.Y.H.T.) Event in Merced on January 5th, 2017 and in Los Baños on January 19th, 2017.  We brought awareness to our community in hopes of reaching out to victims and survivors of Human Trafficking.  Our mission is to serve men, woman, and children of all ages to overcome this tragic ordeal, and create positive and healthy life choices. 21 million people are affected by Human Trafficking each year, and we are here to ensure that all lives that are affected by this...

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Reflections on A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices

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On September 7, 2016 Valley Crisis Center (VCC) and Mountain Crisis Services (MCS) hosted their fostering cultural competency panel titled A Gathering of Asian and Pacific Islander Voices. This event was a partnership and project of My Sister’s House that was funded by Blue Shield of California. The purpose of this event was to learn how VCC/MCS and other agencies can effectively serve and support the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. The panelists consisted of three individuals representing different API communities. Participants were...

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Merced’s 2016 Peace for Families: Thank You

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Valley Crisis Center put on its annual Peace for Families march in Merced on October 5th 2016. A lot was put into the event, from getting donations, getting volunteers, getting the community involved and finding someone brave enough to share their story at the event. As you may or may not know Valley Crisis Center prides itself on our confidentiality policy and never do we share any information on anyone unless asked and releases signed by the survivor. Well folks it is your lucky day, not only were we fortunate enough to get all the donations...

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Healthy Relationships and Economic Pathways (HREP)

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Merced County young adults are underserved. Our county has a large proportion of mothers ages 15-19, making up 9% of births in 2013 according to a 2014 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey. Along with an increasing nationwide visibility in teen dating violence, there’s no denying that there is a rising need to provide comprehensive sexual education and healthy relationship skills. Hoping to nurture the growth and well-being of Merced’s adolescents, Valley Crisis Center and the Public Health Institute have partnered to expand...

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Honoring Diversity in the Safe House

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Mountain Crisis Services received a hotline call from Merced area asking to assist a victim of Sexual Assault.  A MCS advocate met a VCC advocate and the client half way and transported her to our Safe House in Mariposa.  This client arrived here in crisis.  She had been sexual assaulted by a stranger. She was referred to us through a Merced Wellness Center.  When our client arrived and was filling out our paperwork she identified herself as a transgender female.  Her ethnicity was stated as Irish and Spanish. She was welcomed into our...

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June’s API Next Generation Blog

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  API Next Generation June 2016 The family mentioned in this passage fled from a Domestic Violence incident and was referred to our Safe House Program by Valley Crisis Center (VCC) for safety reasons. They have received support from Mariposa Crisis Services (MCS) since early 2016. This is an API family made up of a Mom and several Children. Mom is considered a young adult and her husband was much older than her. Due to years of abuse and isolation, Mom had no extended family or community support. During their stay at our Safe House...

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Valley Crisis Center’s Groups

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Valley Crisis Center is continuing to grow its support groups for both domestic violence and its children’s group as well. We are hoping to also grow our sexual assault support groups and teen group. All the groups are offered weekly and provide information on how to stay safe when dealing with abusive relationships. The DV and SA groups are offered in both English and Spanish and are offered in Los Banos and Merced. Children’s group is also offered in both Los Banos and Merced but only in English. Teen group is offered in Merced at our...

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